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And they call it puppy love.

When I became a photographer I knew that blogging would eventually become a part of my life. It is a part of this job that I so admire in my peers but have feared for myself from day one. Writing is something that I have never been completely comfortable with. What if my grammar is incorrect or my stories are boring? Well, its 2017 and there is no better time that the present to tackle my fears. Who knows, maybe I will discover something new about myself, maybe I will fall in love with writing. With that said, I am going to start this off small with a session that just melted my heart.

When this adorable family came to me and asked to do a newborn session for their new puppy, I about died. I mean, a session with super cute kids and a new puppy? I'm surprised I didn't offer to pay them to let me photograph them. Clearly I said yes. We had so much fun playing with new baby, Nola Jo. Nola is a Weimaraner puppy. The kids are 2 legged bundles of joy. We laughed all day, much like we do every time we are together. Times like this make it a joy to be alive.

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