Hey guys! I'm Krystle Coll, owner and photographer of Sweet Juniper Photography. First things first, thank you so much for taking the time to check out my work. It means more than I can say, or at least more than I can say without sounding like a total cornball. 

So, a little bit about me...

We, (Edward and I),  finally did the thing and got married in Iceland in June!! It was just us, in the middle of nowhere with nothing but waterfalls behind us. We were there during midnight sun, where the sun is seen all 24 hours of the day. To celebrate this we decided to say I Do just before midnight. It was an amazingly wild and adventurous way to say I D0. It was absolutely perfect. Since then we have been honeymooning all over the country and enjoying this next chapter. You can check out what we have been up to here | Adventuring With The Coll's

Animals are my life. I will stop in my tracks at pretty much any moment to pet an animal. Currently, I have 2 lion head bunnies, Aspen and Luna and a panther chameleon, Summit. 

Traveling is my love. Discovering new places, exploring, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures... it might be what keeps me going. We are constantly looking for our next destination. If anyone has any epic travel stories to share, I would LOVE to hear about them!  

Music, ahhhh... music. Tupac to Indie Rock - I love it all. I could spend hours, even days just jamming out to whatever it is that is calling to my soul that moment.


My family and friends. Without them, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I would love to thank them all individually but only they would want to read that and unfortunately, I'm not winning a grammy....yet. <insert big cheesy smily face>

Photography is hands down the best thing I have ever done with my life. I have always been an artistic person. When I was a kid my nickname was Doodle. I have tried everything from drawing to painting to making jewelry. All of which I loved dearly, but as most artistic people go, nothing was ever perfect so my work was rarely ever seen. Photography was always in the back of my mind but with a career in banking and mortgage, it was something that never really came to fruition. Then I met truly the most incredible man who saw so much potential in me while watching me DIY practically everything. (It's ok, he received some pretty cool things that he still uses today) He is an incredible photographer himself so one day he handed me a camera and it was just like everything fell into place. I love being able to capture true emotion for a lifetime and being a part of your family's most precious moments. It's a honor that I haven't been able to quite put into words. For those of you that have worked with me, thank you so much for that gift and for those I haven't had the opportunity to meet and work with yet.... the contact tab is just a click away



















Oh, hey there.

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