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Pittsburgh Child Photographer | Sweet Juniper Photography | Littles and horses

Littles and horses. Instant magic, amiright? Now for the most amazing part of this session, and a little back story. So, mom works super hard, like traveling all week long while managing a home and 3 babies; 4 if you count the hubs! (lol) Sometimes things slip up, like ordering school photos before the deadline. In all fairness, who really wants that super cool photo of your child in front of a laser beam backdrop with a comb over and the cheesiest smile ever? Well, not this mom. Emmerson is a seriously vibrant 5 year old that loves the camera so obviously she deserved a magical 5 year old school photo shoot, with a horse in the woods. Mission accomplished!! And now I am calling my mom to ask why my photo is of me in a color block sweater, pig tails while holding balloons. Whomp whomp!

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