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I knew you would become my best friend forever.

The best part of this session for me was to watch a guy I grew up with be a father and a husband. JR was always the kindest soul growing up and to see him interact with his family was infectious. I knew that I would want to blog this session because 1. I have literally know this guy since we were just a couple 12 year olds and 2. Have you seen his super hot ( and might I add just as sweet ) wife? I told her I had this vision of putting her in the water in a creek in the city. I had pre scouted this location and the way the greens reflected in the water, I knew magic would happen. She was up for anything and absolutely slayed each photo we took.

After the session, I was dying to know more about their undeniable love story so I asked Kristine and here's what she had to say, "JR and I met in 2008 while we were both working at Red Lobster in Pittsburgh. We immediately knew we had a connection but it took us 3 years to figure out what that connection was. Finally in 2011, after being transferred across state I came back to Pittsburgh and we immediately came to the realization that we were meant to be something larger than just friends. One of the things we attribute the strength of our relationship to is that we are more than just husband and wife, or soulmates, we are best friends. Our relationship started as a friendship for the first 3 years, and that truly built the foundation for our relationship. Our family life derives from our parents. They were and still are huge parts in our lives as well as our children's. Both of us have the dream and determination to raise our children in a home filled with laughter and love, where everyone is always welcome."

Well guys, you have life figured out and I am just so honored to be a part of the big moments with you.

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