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Adventures in Pittsburgh | Sweet Juniper Photography | Pittsburgh, PA

Adventure is the key element to an exciting life. That has always been how I have lived my life so it is only fitting that I bring that aspect in to my photography.

It is no secret that our world has changed. As I type this, sitting in my front lawn, swinging on my new lawn chair, I am reminded how much life has slowed down. Typically during this time of year we would be preparing for weddings every weekend and family sessions through out the week, and of course travel any time we could. We have been realizing the beauty that has been right here, right in front of us in Southwestern PA.

We have spent the last few months hiking trails all over this area. This area is BEAUTIFUL guys! It is not that we haven't always known this but for the last few years we have simply overlooked it.

Those days are long gone. And so are the days of scouting for your photos from the car. Let's start taking to the woods, going on a hike, and finding some damn gems! I have always been about creating emotion and making memories. And now we are going to combine that with landscape photography worthy backdrops!

What if my kids can't do a big hike yet?

No problem. In my experience, a lot of kids can't. Unless you hike often, this wouldn't be something they are used to. That is totally ok. We do this weekly, some times daily so we are constantly keeping our eyes open for secluded spots with incredible scenery.

Behind the scenes secret:

We found this location on a hike that we had done in the past. When we were planning this shoot we went back but hiked in from a different road. From that road to the waterfall was about a 3 minute walk.

When I am scouting, I am always looking for spots that offer more than one background. This allows us to create a few different looks without having to pack up the family and go to a new spot. So you know what that means don't you, WARDROBE CHAAANNNGES!

Mom and I had us a vision for this one. Everything had to be epic! This has been her favorite dress of her daughters since they first got it, so we had to do it justice!

We talked about a suitcase full of her favorite dresses spilling out of the sides and a stuffed animal that wouldn't be too distracting in the woods (no neons or super bright colors). We had this old suitcase that was my father-in-laws that I said I would bring. Her homework was a pile of tutu dresses and to see if she had a stuffed animal that was natural. When we showed up, she was blown away that the suitcase I brought was the same her dad used when she was growing up. I was so stoked that she brought George! Cute little Curious George!!!

You know I saved the best for last, right?

I know, I know... you think the best has already happened. This session was magic from start to finish, no doubt.

But if you know me, you know I am a sucker for a puppy! Guess what? So are photos! Adding Charlie to this session was the icing on the cake so to speak. If you ever think to ask, "Can we bring our dogs to our session?" YES! The answer is always YES!

I hope this gave you a little more insight to sessions with Sweet Juniper Photography. Creating natural moments in places like this are what make my soul beam. If this is you, click this link and drop me a line.

My goal, always, is to give you images that will give you joy when you look back on them in 20, 30, 40, heck even 50 years. This is your legacy. Let me capture it!

Have a beautiful day!

- Krystle

Pittsburgh Family Photographer | Pittsburgh, PA


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