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The ultimate flower dress

"Life is grey and dull so you might as well have a little fun when you dress."

The ultimate flower dress that you didn't know you need is here and you are going to need a hose because it's fire!!

Inspiration comes from lots of places, most every place I look, everything I hear, even from a smell.

The inspiration surrounding this shoot was our model and her spring birthday: April showers bring May flowers. This is a phrase that we have heard, or said a hundred times. How can we take this simple phrase and make it EPIC? This is where greenSinner comes in. Their love for deign and theater is exactly what this session was calling for. Rose, lead designer at greenSinner, and I did a little brainstorming. She immediately became inspired by Iris Apfel and her love for color and a bold statement. After a simple sketch and a FANTASTIC idea, Rose created what I am about to release to you today! Guys, this is the dress that makes all other dresses jealous.

(see breakdown of cost below)

Iris Apfel's signature look is her black round frame glasses. Incorporating this in to the look was a must, obviously.

When we asked our model what she thought about the shoot after we wrapped, she said " I felt like a flower princess" We call that mission accomplished.

From my own words: Collaboration is a form of art that not every one ventures in to but those who do create something full of magic. This, my friends, is magic.

If you love florals and plants and would like to follow lead designer, Rose, her Instagram is: @thrurosecolordglasses

Now that you have seen this amazing, incredible, epic, wonderful, luxurious and all the other adjectives shoot you want your own, right? Very rarely does the industry break down pricing for you but at Sweet Juniper and greenSinner, transparency is what we are about.

Each design is custom, based on color and style which will play into pricing.

Dress: $2000

Umbrella: $600

To inquire about your own session or a session for your child, follow this link to say hello! We can't wait to create with you!


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