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International delight.

I met Jillian and Kieran for the first time at our engagement session on a gorgeous fall day at the Crazy Mocha in the north side of Pittsburgh. We had only communicated via email at this point so I was super excited to finally meet them and here a little more about their story. I had no idea the story that I would hear would be the story of a princess finds her prince. Kieran is originally from Ireland. He had moved to the states for work and school where he met and fell in love with his future bride, Jillian. Jillian beams when she tells me how it was basically love at first site. It was so apparent to me that these two were destine to find each other. Isn't it amazing that two people from completely different cultures and backgrounds can wind up on the same corner at the same moment, lock eyes and just know that this is the person that they will be with forever? After their cozy and romantic engagement session, it is easy to say that I am even more excited to be there on the day they celebrate their love for each other.

Coffee Shop | Crazy Mocha, Pittsburgh, Pa.

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